Description of Fees

Annual Fees

Yearly fees are due by May 1. Fees are reviewed on a yearly basis by the Board of Directors and families will be advised of any significant changes in advance. See the following page for a description of what tuition fees include.

Application Fee

A one-time non-refundable fee of CHF 1,500 is due upon submitting the application form in order to begin the admissions process. A secure credit card payment option is available at admissions/payments.

Security Deposit

Following a student’s acceptance, a one-time deposit of CHF 8,000 is required to be paid within 10 business days of acceptance to reserve his/her place. The deposit is refunded approximately 3 months after the student leaves the school permanently, provided the personal account has been fully settled. In addition, any room damage charges incurred will be deducted from this deposit.

Capital Improvement Fund

The Capital Improvement Fund was established in 2010 by an anonymous donation. These funds are applied towards preserving our architectural legacy and towards the development and beauti cation of the LAS campuses. School fees for all new students include this initial contribution of CHF 3,000.

Personal Account

Students’ personal expenses must be authorized and covered by parents. This account is managed by the LAS Accounting Department. Statements are emailed to the parent/guardian on a monthly basis. LAS cannot advance credit for personal expenses including travel costs. See page 6 for a description of what possible charges may be included within the Personal Account.

Details of Tuition Fees & Personal Account

Fees (included in tuition)

  • All academic classes, regular instructional and laboratory fees
  • Full seven-day room and board Liability insurance
  • School health plan (Accident and Health insurances, use of school health center)
  • Swiss residence permit and communal taxes Use of computer network
  • Day excursions, social events, banquets, second semes- ter prom dinner & dance
  • Recreational physical activities (extra charge may apply i.e. horseback-riding, tennis)
  • Ski pass, group ski / snowboard lessons during winter term
  • School-sponsored excursions
    Bed linen (Students must provide their own towels)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Technology package – all students are provided with an LAS-owned laptop and a smartphone for use during the school year.

Personal Account (not included in tuition)

  • Pocket money of maximum CHF 200/week
  • Health plan yearly deductible of maximum CHF 400/year
  • School art supplies approximately CHF 150
  • External examination fees of approximately CHF 1’000 (Such as IB, SAT, ACT, IELTS exam fees)
  • University/College application fees
  • Major purchases/sports equipment rental (ski/ snowboarding/mountain bike and equipment hire) mini- mum CHF 1’000/year and maximum CHF 5’000/year
  • School uniform, including ski jacket approximately CHF 850/year
  • Campus store charges (school supplies) recommended CHF 1,000/year
  • Optional student lounge charges
  • Private music, academic, sports lessons & learning support Communication charges
  • Airport transfer fees on non-official arrival/departure days to/from Geneva Airport of CHF 300/trip
  • Dentist and orthodontist fees Optional trips
    Travel visas
    IT Helpdesk Services, IT Supplies Counseling Sessions (if needed) Online courses
  • Printing & Copying charges

The list above is not exhaustive. Other costs incurred by the school on behalf of the student or parents will be charged.

Payment Information

Payment Information

  • An accepted student’s place is reserved on receipt of the security deposit and signed acceptance agreement.
  • Full enrollment is confirmed on receipt of the annual fees.
  • In the event of a cancellation of enrollment before April 15, the fees, excluding the deposit, will be reimbursed in full. After this date, cancelled enrollments will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Students enrolling in January for the second semester must pay the fees by November 1 of the previous calendar year.
  • Payments may be made to the UBS or Credit Suisse banks by electronic transfer or bank drafts. Payments may also be made by credit card below via Paypal and includes a 5% transaction fee (Paypal account not necessary).
  • Bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the parent/client.
  • Parents may request to be billed twice a year at a 10 % surcharge on the second semester fees. Fees are payable by May 1 and by October 1. The surcharge is due with the first payment.


The student’s name (or the LAS-provided Student Index Number) must be shown on the transfer document to identify payment and a copy of that document must be faxed or emailed to LAS at


Should payment for fees or personal account not be made by the due date, LAS reserves the right to charge a late payment penalty fee. In exceptional cases, we may regretfully have to ask the student to leave until payment is made.

Bank Details

For Swiss Franc Payments

United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) 1860 Aigle CHF Account

Account No. 243-369998.01L
IBAN: CH56 0024 3243 3699 9801 L

Credit Suisse AG 8079 Zurich CHF Account

Account No. 1262015-31
IBAN: CH920483 5126 2015 3100 0


For US $ Payments

United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) 1860 Aigle USD ($) Account

Account No. 243-369998.60H
IBAN: CH41 0024 3243 3699 9860 H

Credit Suisse AG 8079 Zurich USD ($) Account

Account No. 1262015-32-1
IBAN: CH31 0483 5126 2015 3200 1


For € Payments

United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) 1860 Aigle EURO (€) Account

Account No. 243-369998.61G
IBAN: CH84 0024 3243 3699 9861 G

Credit Suisse AG 8079 Zurich Euro (€) Account

Account No. 1262015-32
IBAN: CH58 0483 5126 2015 32 00 0

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Fees for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

2018-2019 Academic Year Fees
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