Grade 9 and 10 students begin their high school education with course grades counting toward their final diploma.

Developing Responsibility

The weekly timetable reflects the demanding preparatory years curriculum. Optional excursions and activities are organized for the weekend, as with all LAS students. Winter term includes ski or snowboard lessons on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Preparatory students take 6 core subjects. In addition, Grade 9 includes the study of Health & PE, while Grade 10 adds Academic Literacy as the 7th subject. Grade 10 students are also given the option to participate in the Model United Nations activity.

Grade 9 and 10 students are given age- appropriate independence and will be expected to act responsibly. For example, they will have study hall in their rooms, under the supervision of dorm heads. In Grade 10, students will begin meeting with the university counselors in preparation for life after LAS.


Grade 9 and 10 boys live in either the Eden or Savoy dormitory. Grade 9 and 10 girls live in Vermont or in Beau Site. Living in an international boarding school environment helps students to build strong relationships with their peers in their dorm, faculty family and their dorm heads.

Overall Educational Experience

Other academic events take place throughout the year to enhance the student’s educational experience. LETS Day in the fall helps students to study the local environment to enhance their science courses. In the spring, students travel to France to practice what they have learned in their French classes.

Once a student finishes grade 10 at LAS, they are well-prepared for the IB Programme or any other academically challenging program. Students learn to problem solve and find creative solutions to various topics.

Students entering grades 9-10 at LAS have two options:

  1. ESL program
  2. Mainstream courses

Both programs are meant to prepare students for the IB Diploma Programme. Students will have seven classes which match the number of courses they would have in the LAS IB Programme in grades 11-12.

possible schedules

Grade 9 Mainstream

  • English 9
  • French 1
  • Social Studies 9
  • ESL Integrated Science 9
  • Math 9 Studies/Math 9/Math 9 Honors
  • Arts Elective or 2nd MFL
  • Physical Education

Grade 9 ESL

  • ESL Literature & Reading 9
  • ESL Skills 9
  • ESL Social Studies 9
  • ESL Integrated Science 9
  • Math 9 Studies/Math 9/Math 9 Honors
  • Arts Elective or 2nd MFL
  • Physical Education

Grade 10 Mainstream

  • English 10
  • French 2
  • World History 10
  • Integrated Science/Chemistry
  • Math Studies 10/Math 10/Math 10 Honors
  • Arts Elective or 2nd MFL
  • Academic Literacy

Grade 10 ESL

  • ESL Literature & Reading 10
  • ESL Skills 10
  • ESL World History 10
  • ESL Integrated Science 10
  • Math 10 Studies/Math 10/Math 10 Honors
  • Arts Elective or 2nd MFL
  • Academic Literacy

Student schedules are made to match each students particular educational needs.

Project Time

In addition to these course options, during the ski season, we have a project time. This allows students to choose a topic of interest and work intensely over ten weeks to better prepare the student for the IB Program. In grade 9 the project are related to science, mathematics and physical geography. These are presented at our annual GLOBE Day. In Grade 10, the students choose a topic and are guided through an extensive essay writing process. The culminating event for this is our Grade Ten Essay Expo held during the last week of school before Spring Break.