In working with students and their families to identify and address individual needs, LAS aims to ensure that all students achieve their full academic potential. In this regard, we provide a range of student support options that are tailored to specific needs.

Teachers are essential to this process. Their multifaceted role as educators, Faculty Family parents or dorm staff allows them to identify emerging issues before they begin to pose problems. LAS students can discuss these issues in full academic support confidence with their teachers after class, in the dorm or during study hall. This personal level of attention and understanding reaches beyond our teaching: it is a hallmark of our community itself.

By extension, our continuing relationship with parents is vital. We work closely with parents to advise on issues that must be addressed and to gain their assistance in enforcing study or other support programs.

Services available to all students include:

Study Hall: Designated time five nights a week, dedicated to academic engagement.

Supervised Study Hall: A distraction-free environment available to all students, and mandatory for some, during the first half of Study Hall.

Teacher Office Hours: Each teacher will be available during the academic day at specific times, in order to assist students desiring or requiring additional support in the teacher’s subject area.

The Learning Support Department at LAS works collaboratively with students and all vested parties to discover and support a greater understanding of students’ unique academic needs. The Learning Support Department has two highly qualified Learning Support Specialists who work alongside teachers and students to ensure their needs are met across our academic and residential settings.

Learning Support Services:

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Our Learning Support Specialists create individualized education programs (IEPs) for students with documented learning disabilities, detailing students unique challenges and the appropriate accommodations and modifications necessary for students’ academic success. Clear and measurable goals are set in order to track and highlight student achievements.

Academic Intervention Program

Struggling students are supported through a three-tiered support model here at LAS. The Learning Support Department works with the Admissions Team to determine individual student needs prior to enrollment. A conditional acceptance to LAS may require enrollment into the Academic Intervention Program.

Consultation Team

A team of educators—including school nurses, learning specialists and counselors—meet weekly to develop strategies to assist students, create teacher-training programs and ensure student well-being.


A full-time school counselor assists students with daily challenges and life crises. Counseling can help students learn to take responsibility for their behavior and academic performance. Students are encouraged to develop healthy decision-making skills and explore choices in their lives that will help them take an active, positive role in shaping their own futures. Students who require ongoing support or additional therapy and assessment are referred by the counselor to other community professionals.

Community Professionals

LAS works closely with professional psychologists and other mental health professionals within the community to help students cope with challenging and ongoing emotional issues or make relevant assessments. Students are referred for professional services by the counselor. All services are confidential.

Dormitory Mentors

Each student meets with a dorm mentor once every two weeks to follow up on social and emotional issues within the dorms. Mentors guide students on dormitory living and help them establish caring peer relationships.

Faculty Families

Once a week during the school day, students meet with their faculty families. These families serve as a support structure, where students from diverse backgrounds can meet, celebrate birthdays, share stories and travel on family trips.