Our Location

Leysin American School View from Campus

Welcome to Leysin, our picturesque mountain home located in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Time in Leysin is best enjoyed outside, and there are so many wonderful ways to do this. What often comes first to mind first are the amazing skiing options, but Leysin shines year-round—during the summer months, avid hikers can find a multitude of trails to choose from. There are also great options for spelunking, paragliding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, tobogganing, skateboarding, horseback riding, swimming, and more!

Our campus is just a short drive away from three international airports and all the major cultural centers of Europe. This means that within a few hours of leaving LAS's front doors, you could find yourself wandering historical cobbled streets in Austria, swimming in crystal clear lakes in Italy, or enjoying a cosmopolitan city experience in France! 

Take a look below to see some of our favourite nearby travel destinations! 



As fast as your legs can carry you


40 minutes

Chamonix, France

1.5 hours


2 hours


2 hours


2 hours


3 hours

Milan, Italy

4 hours

Schwangau, Germany

5 hours

Cinque Terre, Italy

6 hours

Paris, France

6 hours


7 hours