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Meet Our 2019 LAS Edge Speakers!

Summer is coming up and we are busy at work getting ready for our edge campers to arrive! We have loads of fun activities lined up, as well as a number of events and inspirational people coming in to help us hone in on our themes of responsibility, compassion, and innovation. Check out some of the cool people we have visiting this summer: 

Responsibility Week

Issy Bailey

Issy is a former LAS summer student who will be returning to speak with our summer edge students this year. Issy has always had a competitive, athletic streak. Following a car accident in 2013 that injured her spine, she learned to channel these traits into the sport of shooting - something she was introduced to during her rehabilitation. She is now an inspirational Paralympic athlete who competes in shooting Para sport. 

Rodolpho Riskalla

Rodolpho was well on his way to competing in dressage in the Olympic games in 2016, when he contracted bacterial meningitis; due to the infection, he lost his right hand, two fingers on his left hand, and had to have both legs amputated below the knee. This didn't stop his passion for horseback riding though; Rodolpho is now a Paralympic athlete who competed in equestrian dressage during the Rio 2016 games! His enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and we are so excited to welcome him to Leysin this summer!

Randall Zindler

Randall Zindler is the former CEO of a disaster relief agency called Medair. Together with Medair, Randall helped to coordinate the humanitarian effort following the Asian tsunami in December 2004. Randall will be speaking with students as they learn about what it means to take part in activism.


Compassion Week

Tiara Sahar Ataii

Tiara is founder and president of SolidariTee, an entirely student-led charity which raises awareness about the refugee crisis and offers grants to organizations and individuals working in the sector. She founded the charity in January 2017 while studying at Cambridge University after working as an interpreter for refugees in France, Germany, and Greece. Since then, the charity has spread to 35 participating universities across 5 countries. Tiara is also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Award.

Innovation Week


VividQ is a young London-based deep technology startup working on commercial applications of holographic display in AR/VR headsets, smartglasses, and consumer electronics. They'll be talking with the students about their business and technology and will include a demonstrations of products, focusing on the techniques they have used to help them stay at the forefront of innovative technology.


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