LAS Journal

March Madness in the LAS Libraries!

Did you know that reading promotes higher levels of focus, concentration, and critical thinking? Here at LAS, we aim to help our students become innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world. And what better way to do this than to delve into stories about the lives of others and gain a broader understanding of different cultures and global issues simply through reading?

With this in mind, our library staff would like to wish everyone at LAS a Happy March Madness Month! This month our library staff have gathered together a selection of the most popular books from the Savoy and BEC libraries and each week in March, there will be an elimination round of March Madness where students will vote for their favorite from a pair of books. At the end of the month, the last books standing will be the Savoy and BEC winners! We will then have a school-wide vote to determine the overall winner. 

We discovered in December that there was an 81% borrowing increase in this year’s first marking period compared to last year and that the three dorms that borrowed the highest number of books per student were Beau Réveil, Esplanade, and Savoy. We are so proud that LAS has a great reading culture, but we would love to see even more students delve into different storylines and literary worlds! We recently added a range of new books to our library, including Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club, and Bring Back Our Girls by Joe Parkinson and Drew Hinshaw. Check out these videos to learn more about our new fiction and non-fiction books! If you would like to borrow any new titles or the books mentioned in the vote, please find them displayed in the library.

Students who vote in our March Madness Month competition every week will be entered into the draw for a book prize and will win a bookmark of their choice. Plus, there are brand new glow-in-the-dark and Scratch and Sniff bookmarks for students to get their hands on! Good luck to everyone, and we look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces in our libraries! 


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