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Visiting Scholar: Chiara Forrester

This week we were joined by Chiara Forrester, PhD candidate at CU Boulder, botanist, and LAS Visiting Scholar. We sat in on Mr. Patton's science class to listen to Chiara teach our students about her work and how she uses data from the Local Elevation Transect Survey (LETS) Day (data our students have collected themselves!) to help with her studies.

Students had the opportunity to ask Chiara some pressing questions concerning climate change, global warming and the current and future state of our environment. With the state of our environment changing drastically and rapidly, having honest and open conversations like these are not only necessary but help our students take an active role in protecting and preserving our planet. 

Thanks for visiting Chiara, we learned a lot and it was so cool to see how the work our students have done helps you with your studies out in the field!

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