LAS Journal

Thinking About the Future: University Advising at LAS

At LAS, we think of university applications as finding the perfect fit for the student rather than a prize to be won. Our dedicated University Advising team has been working hard to ensure that students feel confident and happy with their plans after they depart the Magic Mountain, whether that means going to university, embarking on a gap year, or entering military service. Our advisors are there to enhance opportunities for academic success, develop social maturity, and provide the tools students need to research, plan, and prepare for their futures. As university offers start trickling in for our grade 12 students, we want to congratulate those who have already received offers and provide reassurance to students still awaiting theirs.

Beginning with grade 9 and 10 students, our University Advising program assists with the transition to high school and aids students in realizing their strengths to plan their academics for the future. In grade 11, students research post-secondary options and concentrate on achieving good course results. Students are aided in self-evaluation and are encouraged to focus on their aspirations through weekly attendance in a Student Success course. In addition, students work through the school’s online career and university program, MaiaLearning, which has abundant resources to help students make well-informed choices.

Grade 11 students also meet individually with their university advisor to discuss the application process, which includes deciding which countries and universities they would like to attend and advising on application essays and personal statements. During grade 12, students focus on their exams, send off their applications, and participate in their grade-level Student Success course.

For many of our grade 12 students, university offers are appearing! Well done on all your hard work, and good luck with your exams in the coming months. So far, LAS students have received over 60 offers from American universities, over 40 from UK universities, ten from Canadian universities, and many additional offers from other countries, including Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. You can check out all of the universities our LAS seniors have been granted offers to here!

We are so excited to have LAS students traveling to all corners of the globe for higher education, and we look forward to hearing about all your achievements. Good luck to our grade 12 students on their exams in the upcoming months, and we always look forward to keeping in touch with our LAS Global Family, no matter where you are!


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