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Thinking About Our Futures with Visiting Scholar Radek Oros

Thinking About Our Futures with Visiting Scholar Radek Oros

This week, LAS was lucky enough to host another scholar, Radek Oros, as part of our Visiting Scholars Program. Through this program, we bring real-world expertise to our student experience by inviting members of our international community back to campus. These scholars support our extracurricular programming and deliver professional development to our faculty and staff. Through this program, we aim to inspire our students to learn about the many opportunities that are at their fingertips after they finish their journeys at LAS.

In addition to visiting LAS as a scholar, Radek has also worked as a staff member at our LAS Summer in Switzerland program. We love seeing members of our community return to our Magic Mountain! Radek is a PhD candidate at the NOVA School of Business & Economics in Lisbon and was kind enough to share his experience and expertise with us.

On Tuesday, Radek led a presentation and Q&A discussion on ‘Studies in Career & Life Design,’ which centered around a 21st-century approach to self-construction and creating a meaningful career. He discussed managing change and transition and its importance when we look ahead to a new chapter in our lives, whether that entails going to university, looking for a career, or even retiring! 

In addition to this, Radek also led a workshop for our history students in grades 11 and 12 about designing their future. This was a really useful tool that allowed our students to think about mapping out their futures based on their goals. Students were encouraged to think about their current versus ideal life trajectories, and how these differ depending on what actions they take. Students then had the opportunity to present these trajectories back to the class and receive feedback and suggestions on what steps they could now take to support their ideal life.

Radek’s workshops and presentations allowed students to find greater meaning in their studies, and make connections between what they are currently doing at school, and how it will benefit them later down the line. We are really grateful to scholars like Radek for sharing their expertise with students and staff at LAS, as we always gain so much from these sessions. Thank you, Radek, for sharing your knowledge with us, and for giving back to your LAS Global Family!


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