The Transformative Power of Immersive Arts Experiences

LAS Journal

The Transformative Power of Immersive Arts Experiences

Through our Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) program, we create an environment that encourages students to think critically, be creative, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. At LAS, we consistently promote these approaches in the classroom with the hopes that students will develop into innovative, compassionate, and responsible global citizens. Our commitment to this is highlighted through our arts programs, where students are encouraged to use innovative and creative methods to learn and enjoy experimenting.

An example of this method is our Belle Époque Magique program, which is designed to promote experiential and hands-on learning. Through this program, we invite musicians to perform in the breathtaking Grande Salle at the Belle Époque and actively engage with our community through workshops that provide hands-on opportunities and allow students to become immersed in music. Last week, we were pleased to host François le Roux, a versatile performing artist from South Africa who is proficient in cello, keyboard, voice, dance, writing, and visual arts.

During his visit, François captivated our students with his performances, allowing them to listen and become immersed in music. The workshops encouraged active participation, inviting students to respond to the music through their own artistic expressions, either through hands-on engagement with instruments, artistic creation, or dance. This two-day visit ended in a concert in the Grande Salle, where François showcased his fantastic talent for spontaneous musical expression!

Immersive art experiences within LAS are an important part of our art education. Through programs like Belle Époque Magique, we hope to promote an educational experience that empowers students to explore, create, and innovate. By embracing an ICE approach to the arts, LAS remains committed to developing well-rounded students equipped with skills and hands-on experience that will serve them in the future.


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