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The Results are IN!

10 of our senior students competed in the Hypatia Math Contest last year, and the results are IN!

Run by the University of Waterloo's Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing, the Hypatia Contest is a fun opportunity for high school students to "develop mathematical problem solving skills through a written mathematical activity." During this contest, students are given 75 minutes to answer 4 challenging math questions—some questions demand an answer only, and some require a full solution to be shown. All of the questions require logical thinking and reasoning and cover a variety of mathematical content. Our young scholars readily took on the challenge, going up against 5,787 contestants around the world.

This month IB Math Teacher, Ms. Bruce, presented certificates to our competitors. 7 of our 10 participants achieved marks above the competition average; of those seven, 4 received certificates of distinction, acknowledging their position amongst the top 25% of contestants! Big congratulations to Alice S., Alex B., Divyansh J., and Luke C. (pictured) for this great achievement, and to the rest of our competitors for representing LAS so well!

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