The International Award: Exploring Nature’s Classroom!

LAS Journal

The International Award: Exploring Nature’s Classroom!

At LAS, our students are not just encouraged, but they truly enjoy, learn from, and appreciate our stunning alpine landscape. Guided by our firm belief in experiential learning, LAS students thrive in the outdoors. Our Alpine Institute program reflects this, offering students the opportunity to cultivate this appreciation, both in the summer and winter, and equipping them with essential outdoor skills like navigation, teamwork, first-aid, and avalanche awareness. Recently, a group of our students have been participating in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program. Last weekend, they seized the beautiful weather and embarked on a hike, demonstrating their passion and dedication to this challenging award.

The LAS Alpine Institute program provides high-quality outdoor education after school and on weekends. This program encourages students to embrace their incredible surroundings and promotes sustainability, responsible citizenship, climate action, and resilience. Any student can become involved in this program and can take part in activities such as the Skyline Challenge (where students are encouraged to hike all the peaks that can be seen from Leysin), hiking expeditions, nature education, climate action, and winter activities. This education model encourages students to see themselves as connected to the natural world and enables them to become passionate about making change. This is why the Alpine Institute centers on both outdoor programs and environmental education.

Students participating in the International Award Program will complete their Silver Award excursion this month. To complete the Silver Award, students must complete four sections: volunteering, physical, skills, and expedition. Our students have been working hard to ensure they have met all the criteria and developed the necessary skills to achieve this impressive award!

The LAS Alpine Institute embodies an experiential approach to education, developing in students not only a deep appreciation for nature but also essential life skills and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Through experiential learning in the stunning alpine landscape, students thrive outdoors and also become passionate about sustainability and responsible citizenship. Integrating programs like The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award further develops our students' growth, challenging them to push their limits and develop into well-rounded young adults ready for the future!


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