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The Impact Fund: Transforming Lives and Learning at LAS

The purpose of the Impact Fund is to put funds raised to work right away on campus in support of the projects that are most important to students, faculty, and staff. Created last year, the Impact Fund has already had an enormous impact on our school community, thanks to the  generosity of our LAS Global Family.

Just before fall break, the Impact Fund Committee finalized the disbursement of CHF 20,000 in support of ten projects in this first portion of the 2023-2024 school year.



The Four Pillars of the Impact Fund

The Impact Fund at LAS serves as a vital resource to enrich the educational experience of its students and faculty. It primarily focuses on four key goals:

  1. Faculty Grants: The fund provides grants directly to faculty members to support initiatives that enhance teaching, activities, and programs. This support fosters a dynamic learning environment and encourages teaching methods that create innovative, compassionate, and responsible students.
  2. Scholarship Support: Ensuring that scholarship students can fulfill their potential, the Impact Fund helps them access life-changing opportunities and experiences. This year, LAS has invested over CHF 4 million into its financial assistance package, enabling students from all backgrounds to attend our school. 
  3. Campus Enhancement: The fund supports restricted projects aimed at improving student spaces throughout the campus. This investment improves the overall quality of life for the LAS community.
  4. Experiential Learning: The Impact Fund improves experiential learning programs, including field trips and the Alumni Visiting Scholar Program. These initiatives offer students a broader perspective and real-world experiences that go beyond the classroom.


Achievements of the Impact Fund

Since its establishment in July 2022, the Impact Fund has had some significant achievements, supporting faculty with grants totaling over CHF 60,000. 

The fund has undertaken campus enhancements, renovating four student spaces and providing students with more comfortable areas for learning and relaxation. Furthermore, scholarship students have benefited from the fund by attending conferences worldwide, adding to their educational experience immeasurably. The Impact Fund has also welcomed Alumni Visiting Scholars back to LAS, offering students unique insights and perspectives from accomplished individuals. Field trips funded by the Impact Fund have enabled students to learn outside the classroom, broadening their horizons and giving them valuable, hands-on experiential learning opportunities.


Recent Developments

Recently, the Impact Fund Committee made important decisions for the 2023-2024 school year, allocating 20,000 CHF to support ten projects. This decision was made possible through donations from LAS families, alumni, and faculty members. The fast completion of this round of fundraising shows the LAS community’s commitment to philanthropy.

Projects supported in this round include stipends for students to participate in the Model United Nations (MUN) trip, support for the relaunch of Cafe7 in the MMAC, resources for the Innovation Lab, sensory-focused items for classrooms, after-school entrepreneurial and event management activities, human rights and comedy education, renovation of the Beau Site pool table, a golf simulator for athletics, and support for the Padded Combat Activity.


How You Can Contribute

The Impact Fund relies on the generosity of the LAS community. Donations, regardless of size, make a significant impact. Even a small contribution of CHF 5 can help further the fund's mission. Your participation not only supports LAS's philanthropic program but also inspires others to contribute.

The Impact Fund at LAS has made a substantial difference in the lives of students by enriching our student learning experience. The achievements of the fund in 2023 reflect generosity of the LAS community, and by continuing to support the Impact Fund, LAS ensures that its mission of creating citizens of the world remains at the center of our community.


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