Summer Reading Recommendations!

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Summer Reading Recommendations!

Reading has been proven to improve vocabulary and writing skills, boost mood and mental health, and is a great way to learn more about the world around us! This is why all LAS students are encouraged to read over the summer vacation. Reading allows us to unlock new worlds, and for students whose first language is not English, it’s a great way to work on their language skills! This improved literacy translates to stronger writing skills, an important element contributing to academic success.

In addition to language skills, reading encourages analytical thinking, improves concentration, and enhances memory. Students who read regularly are better equipped to process complex concepts and solve problems, whether that’s in life or at school. Furthermore, the creativity boost that comes from frequent reading allows students to expand their imaginations and address challenges with innovative solutions.

The library has published a list of recommended books for students to read and enjoy over the summer. They span different genres, periods, and countries and are aimed at different reading levels. We are excited to discuss with students their thoughts and opinions on these amazing texts when they return to school in August. Have a fantastic summer vacation, and happy reading! 


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