Students Embrace Multiculturalism During International Week at LAS!

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Students Embrace Multiculturalism During International Week at LAS!

LAS embraces and celebrates its multicultural community, hosting over 50 nationalities on campus! International Week is a fun tradition at LAS, where our diverse student body comes together to honor their heritage and broaden their global perspective through competitions and activities! LAS students always aim to learn more about the world and different countries as they develop into global citizens. What better way to learn than through experiencing different cultures and their traditions and practices?

To kick off the week, students participated in ice skating and ice hockey activity, a tennis World Cup competition, and a basketball tournament! These were really fun activities that allowed students to get their bodies moving! On three evenings, there was also a short international film festival featuring exciting films from Denmark, Nigeria, Pakistan, Hungary, and China, offering students a cinematic journey across continents! 

Students had the opportunity to delve deeper into cultural immersion through international workshops, where they could get a taste of different cultures! This included Scottish and Irish dancing, mastering the cuisines of France, China, Finland, and Poland, and learning about cultures through storytelling. Students enjoyed every moment of these exciting workshops! Other activities throughout the week also included the annual Parade of Flags, a story slam event, a national dress day, and a Faculty Family international trivia quiz.

International Week was fantastic this year; our students engaged deeply with different cultures and enjoyed sharing their own! Since we have such a diverse student body, we must celebrate and appreciate each other’s nationalities to create cultural connections and understanding. This week was a testament to our community’s diversity, inclusivity, and global awareness, and our students and faculty learned a lot about each other in the process! 

Take a look at this video to see the LAS International Week Parade of Flags!


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