Read Around the World this Summer!

LAS Journal

Read Around the World this Summer!

We hope everyone in our community is excited for a wonderful summer ahead and already looking forward to return ing to LAS feeling refreshed this fall! While relaxing on your vacations, we have an ongoing challenge for our budding readers that will allow them to extend their reading repertoire, practice their language skills, and have the chance to win one of the four fantastic book prizes in a raffle. Reading improves language and written skills as well as focus, memory, and mental health, and we are so excited to see all the books everyone has read after the break!

This year, our library team has presented the Read Around the World challenge to all our students and staff. There are seven reading “journeys” that will take you from Leysin to the US, then to South America, along to Africa, sailing all the way to Australia, then through Asia, and along to Europe via the Middle East, where you will finish back at Leysin. You can collect 500 reading miles per 30 minutes of reading you complete and track your journey in this passport provided by the library team. 

You can read any book in any language you would like and to find inspiration, the library team has kindly put together this list of recommendations. The idea is that you will read around the world and therefore read a book set in or by an author from the part of the world you are “traveling” through! You can earn bonus entries by completing book reviews, submitting a picture of yourself reading on public transport, or creating an alternate book cover for any of the books you’ve read.

This is such a fun reading task, and we hope it will encourage staff and students to read books from many different cultures and, if completed, read for 33 hours (or travel 33,000 miles!) over the summer vacation. We look forward to seeing all the books you’ve read, and we hope you’ll all feel refreshed and ready for the new year. Good luck!


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