Pedaling Around the Swiss Alps!

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Pedaling Around the Swiss Alps!

Nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Leysin, our students enjoy a truly extraordinary environment. We are surrounded by winding mountain roads and expansive Alpine vistas, making our boarding school an immersive experience unlike any other. Recently, some of our students embarked on a bike touring adventure as part of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program with the Alpine Institute, developing their orienteering skills while experiencing the beauty of the Swiss Alps surrounding them. We feel privileged to be able to offer our students such incredible experiences on a regular basis, and we are excited to aid them further in their passion for the outdoors! 

This prestigious award challenges students not only physically but also encourages the development of skills and a commitment to voluntary service. By participating, our students are working towards the vital qualities of compassion, innovation, and global citizenship. Alongside other students from over 130 countries worldwide, they will become part of a large international network after completing this challenging award! The Alpine Institute organizes this award at LAS, and its commitment to environmental exploration and conservation helps our students build a connection to their local environment while developing the physical and teamwork skills vital for developing into healthy adults.

The trip was an overnight cycling tour that started on Saturday morning with seven students and four faculty members. The group left the Leysin-Feydey station in the morning and arrived in Biel for midday. On the first day, the group cycled 48km to Avenche, and on day two, they cycled an impressive 53km to Neuchatel. Well done to our students for their hard work and perseverance! 

Throughout their expedition, our students showcased their resilience and teamwork. Supported by their peers and teachers, each student demonstrated remarkable growth and determination. They navigated the rugged terrain of the Swiss Alps and embraced the challenge of cycling along some really impressive trails. Organizing equipment, planning routes, and solving problems along the way, they gained invaluable skills applicable beyond the outdoors, preparing them for future challenges both at school and beyond!

We feel so lucky to have such a diverse and beautiful array of wildlife and nature right at our doorstep here at LAS. Against the backdrop of the amazing Alps, our students honed their skills and cultivated qualities of resilience and global citizenship. Well done to all the students involved in this tough challenge—we hope you will take your love of nature and the mountains with you into the future, and we can’t wait to welcome new students into the International Award Program to kickstart their passion for the mountains!


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