Paving the Way for the Future: Student Leadership at LAS

LAS Journal

Paving the Way for the Future: Student Leadership at LAS

We are excited to welcome this year's student leaders who will work hard to enact change at our school and maintain a welcoming, supportive, and forward-looking environment. The LAS Leadership Program is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in leadership positions and regularly work with their peers on exciting projects! In addition to these formal leadership roles, a wide range of leadership opportunities are available to all students at the school, which will provide them with new skills over the course of this academic year.

Leadership opportunities at LAS range from dorm work to academic involvement, student council, team captains, and service work. Official student leadership positions include prefects, ambassadors, senior proctors, dorm representatives, Student Council, Honor Council, the International Award program, and more! With regular meetings and a fantastic team, we look forward to seeing what they plan to achieve in the year ahead.

After talking to our student leaders, we feel confident and excited about all they have to offer to their roles. One Senior Proctor stated they "enjoy being a part of the LAS community that speaks up for things that students wish to happen." Another member of the leadership team said they were "looking forward to working on a variety of projects" and would "like to focus on receiving more input from the student body on a variety of issues." It's great to hear that the leadership team would like to work primarily in the interest of the student body and generate even more student involvement in the decisions that will ultimately affect them!

In addition to these roles, students can gain leadership experience through clubs, athletic teams, and events. This will help develop their organizational, teamwork, and decision-making skills and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. Students are also encouraged to practice leadership skills in their daily school life by wearing the correct uniform, acting responsibly, and being role models to other students during class and after school.

The leadership programs and opportunities at LAS create independent thinkers who can effect positive change in our LAS community and the world around them. We offer a variety of opportunities to ensure that every student can participate in a meaningful way, develop their leadership skills, and discover their innate leadership potential. Even if students are not part of the leadership team, we hope they still get involved in other aspects through extracurricular activities and act as role models to other students in the school.


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