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On to the Linguistics Olympiad Final!

We are incredibly excited to share that 6 of our senior students have been selected to participate in the Swiss Linguistics Olympiad Final!

Back in November, 6 senior students in Ms. Brocvielle's French class took the entry exam for the Linguistics Olympiad, and all 6 were selected to advance on to the final stage of the competition. With only 17 students selected in total to make it to the final round in the French category, LAS students make up over a third of the final stage competitors. During the first stage of the contest, they were asked to make observations on linguistic patterns across different dialects and languages, as well as recognize language patterns in foreign languages—one question even had them analyze Klingon, the language of a fictional species in Star Trek!

The final competition is set to be in Lausanne this February, giving our young scholars lots of time to prepare and represent us well. Congratulations to Lukasz W., Maja H., Hanna K., Dea L., Natsumi K., and Vakaris J. for your hard work and initiative! 

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