Model United Nations First Conference 2022

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Model United Nations First Conference 2022

This past Saturday a delegation from the LAS Model United Nations (MUN) club attended their first conference of the year at Aiglon.  For many of the students it was their first chance to engage in MUN outside of LAS.  As the directors we know that the conferences are the best part of being in MUN: the opportunity to travel to new places, meet new people, and work on the soft skills necessary for success later in life.  However, instead of us telling you more about the conference experience we thought it would be better to hear directly from the students themselves.  Here is what they have to say about it:

“The MUN Aiglon conference was my first conference and the best part for me was the debating because although I was really nervous, it was really fun and encouraging to speak and see others proving their points. Another thing that I loved was the connections that we made with students from other schools that are also from all over the world.” Manu ‘26

“This was my first conference in almost three years and speaking publicly after such a long time really helped me get back into the MUN experience! I was able to do some networking and make new friends which was great. I met people from different parts of Switzerland and the world. They were all great people and delegates.” Manasi ‘24

“[MUN] helps develop public speaking skills, teamwork, negotiation, and leadership skills. It helps gain confidence in our own ability and discover an array of new skills. It also helps us understand to a degree the true complexity of international arrangements/agreements. It was also a great networking opportunity!” Kiera ‘23

“My favorite thing about the conference was being able to meet people from other schools who were equally as passionate about Model United Nations.” Mia ‘24

“My favorite thing about the conference was that I got a chance to speak in a bigger group of people and practice my presentation skills in a group of people I did not know yet.” Akos ‘25

“The conference will help me in my academic future because it taught me a lot of skills about creating convincing and effective speeches and allowed me to overcome a lot of my fears about speaking in front of so many people. At first it was very difficult for me to present my opening speech and I was nervous the whole time, but as the conference went on, I gained enough confidence to easily present and speak throughout the whole conference. This is a skill in life that will help guide me through a lot of different challenges and better communicate with anyone who comes my way.” Csaba ‘25

“I put their speakers on the spot and had Jordan speechless with my POIs (Point of Information) and I'm SO proud of myself for that. I was on fire!” Manasi ‘24

“I was absolutely terrified going into it. In fact, at about 1am the day of I had called up my friends and told them that I wasn't going. I'm so glad I changed my mind as it ended up being a great experience. I forced myself to stand up and speak near the beginning (despite how terrified I was) and following that realised that it wasn't as scary as I believed.” Kiera ‘23

“I would like to say that MUN is one of the best things that someone can do to increase their abilities in public speaking and to become better at creating convincing arguments. I would recommend it to everyone because it will definitely make it easier to do university applications, job interviews, and other presentations in the future.” Csaba ‘25

“It helped me develop my presentation skills and public speaking skills which will surely help me in future presentations in school and also outside of school.” Akos ‘25

“I think this MUN helped me improve my social skills. I also learned new things about different countries like their political stance on certain issues, cultures, and global politics in general. I was also able to see new perspectives and innovative solutions to tackle a problem.” Manasi ‘24

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