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Little Shop of Horrors: Big Success

LAS Theater production

From Tuesday to Thursday this week, LAS faculty and students had the privilege of watching the LAS Theater Group’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. The 13-member cast delivered this perfectly sinister musical with impeccable comedic timing.

Throughout the performance, audience members were on the edges of their seats, watching the surprising love story unfold between a young botanist named Seymour and his coworker, Audrey. Just as the romance seems to be fully blossoming, however, a talking, manipulative, man-eating plant starts to spread chaos in Seymour’s life.

With a tragic ending that reminds viewers to be careful what you wish for, Little Shop of Horrors is a very demanding musical that requires great vocal talent and acting that combines a mix of humour and heartfelt emotion; this was a challenge the 43 cast and crew members were ready to take on however—the audience was captivated throughout.

The praise doesn’t end there though. The set design included intricately painted scenery flats, an abundance of flowers, and a giant plant with a moveable mouth—features which came together to make the audience feel as though they were truly in the world of Skid Row.

This play was a shining moment for the LAS Theater Group. All their long hours of rehearsal, preparation, and set design payed off, because this performance is one that won’t soon be forgotten. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

“What a wonderful show! Congratulations to the directors, cast, and crew!”

“Packed with entertaining moments from start to finish. Musically, some very difficult melodies, harmonies and rhythms happening. That's a big challenge to accept, but they nailed it.”

“A fantastic performance!  Bravo everyone.”

“A great performance of 'Little Shop Horrors'; it was excellent entertainment for all. We understand the tremendous work in preparation of such a show and congratulate everyone involved for a wonderful result.”

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