Leadership at LAS: Empowering Students to Lead and Inspire

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Leadership at LAS: Empowering Students to Lead and Inspire

The LAS Leadership Program offers a fantastic opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in leadership roles and collaborate regularly with their peers on exciting projects. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that after a rigorous application process, next year’s student leaders have been chosen! Leadership at LAS enables students to drive change within our community and maintain a welcoming, supportive, and forward-thinking environment. These student leadership experiential learning opportunities are incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to see all the change our brand-new leaders enact. In addition to these formal leadership positions, a wide range of leadership opportunities are available to all students at the school, which will provide them with new skills throughout this academic year.

Leadership opportunities at LAS range from dorm work to academic involvement, student council, team captains, and service work. Official student leadership positions include prefects, ambassadors, senior proctors, dorm representatives, Student Council, Honor Council, the International Award program, and more. With regular meetings and a dedicated team, we are really excited to hear their plans for the year ahead. Creating the foundations for these attributes at school sets students up for success in the future and enables them to demonstrate their skills after graduating from LAS. Students who have applied for these roles understand the commitment required to serve as student leaders, and they are already really excited to develop a range of different skills, make new friends on the team, and create positive change in the community. 

If students would like to develop their skills and participate at LAS in a more involved way, there is ample opportunity for them to discover their leadership potential aside from being a member of the leadership team. Students can gain experience by helping to organize clubs, athletic teams, and events. This will help develop their organizational, teamwork, and decision-making skills and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. Even if students are not part of the leadership team, we hope they still see the value in involving themselves in other ways; this might be by wearing the correct uniform, acting responsibly, and helping others!

The leadership initiatives within LAS develop self-driven young adults capable of change in both the LAS community and the wider world. At LAS, we present a diverse array of opportunities, ensuring each student's ability to engage meaningfully, expand their skills, and uncover their interest in leading others. Even if students are not part of the leadership team, we hope they still get involved in other aspects through extracurricular activities and act as role models to other students in the school!

To learn more about student leadership at LAS, watch this video!


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