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Latest Library News

Thanks to our wonderful staff, we have an extensive range of library resources that cater to all our students’ needs. We were happy to report last week that we’ve had our best borrowing year so far, thanks to all of the staff and students that make full use of our libraries! Below are details of our latest library news.

Our LAS library infographic gives lots of statistics about the number of print books, e-books, audiobooks, and magazines that were checked out in marking period 1 (MP1), as well as information on our most popular books. Well done to our top borrower, Elisa! 

We found out from the infographic that there was an 81% borrowing increase in this year’s MP1 compared to last year and that the three dorms that borrowed the highest number of books per student were Beau Reveil, Esplanade, and Savoy. Well done to the students in these dorms, you’re in our good books!

In our Savoy library, we are currently in the process of ‘genrefying’ our fiction collection. This means students can find their favorite mystery, adventure, or fantasy books more easily. 

Now is the time to consider which books students would like next year! Students and staff members can have a say in which books they might like to read for pleasure or to support academic teaching and learning. 

Other library news includes our ‘BookFace’ competition, where we encourage students and staff to select a book and take a photo that covers part of their face or body seamlessly with the book, then upload the photo to the Google Form. We look forward to seeing all of the creative entries! 

Did you know that you’re not allowed to use every image online? Do you know how to check whether an image is fair use? In Ms. Maurer’s classes, students have been looking at how to find and cite Creative Commons and fair use images for assignments. 

Coming up is the SGIS 2022-23 Golden Cowbell Book Awards! The books have been finalized, and they are ready for borrowing in our libraries. This award promotes newly published books for our SGIS (Swiss Group of International Schools), and includes four different categories depending on student ages. All schools will be asked for their votes in the categories, and the four winning books will be decided. 

Thank you to our excellent library team for making sure students are able to access their favorite books, and well done to students for making full use of our resources. We look forward to seeing more of you browsing our shelves!


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