LAS's 6th Annual Film Festival

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LAS's 6th Annual Film Festival

LAS Film Festival ´19

Early last month we sent out a request to all young cinematographers in our community, asking for video submissions for LAS's 6th annual film festival! The guidelines were simple: send in a short film of any genre that is between 30 seconds and 7 minutes long. As usual, our students and staff didn't disappoint. In a few short days we gathered submissions from 20 individuals, ranging from documentaries to music videos to short films. 

The whole school was invited to attend the Film Festival, which was held on May 3rd in the Savoy Library. There was an excellent turnout at the event, with the audience eagerly waiting to hear who would win the coveted People's Choice Award and Juror's Award. 

At the end of the evening the awards were distributed. Sonya N's film "Friends are Wanted (Dead)" won the People's Choice Award, and Pierce J's music video "Black" was selected for the Juror's Award.

"Friends are Wanted (Dead)" is the haunting first episode of a series that makes the viewer question what they would do if they had to turn on their friends in order to guarantee their future success. The film used special effects and an intense soundtrack to drive the action-packed plot, and ended with a cliffhanger. We can only hope that a second installation will be released at next year's Film Festival! 

"Black," winner of the Juror's Award, is a music video set to the song "Black" by Pearl Jam. The video begins with scenes from a happy romance, but as the song progresses, the love slowly turns stale and the couple goes their separate ways. The film included a number of creative and stunning shots that did an excellent job of showing off Leysin's beauty, including the drive up our mountain, the Dents du Midi, and more. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's Film Festival. It's clear we have a lot of talent at this school, and we can't wait to see what works come forward next year when we host the 7th annual festival!

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