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LAS Summer- A Global Family

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Summer camp can be an exciting and rewarding experience for both campers and their parents; particularly at international summer camps, campers are exposed to different cultures, meet friends from around the world, and are able to participate in new, exciting activities. These opportunities encourage personal growth, independence, increased global awareness, and a ton of fun.

As students embrace camp life and new experiences together, LAS summer and LAS edgeprovide them with a faculty family to provide support and a regular point of connection along the way. Faculty families are made up of 3 staff ‘parents’ and 10-12 similarly aged campers from around the world. Families regularly meet up for family nights which are a great space to have fun, unwind, and make lifelong friendships.

Here are five activities you and your faculty family could do this summer:

1. Campfire and S’mores at Prafandaz:

If it’s a beautiful view you’re looking for, you don’t have to go far in Leysin! The Prafandaz lookout point, just a short hike away from the Belle Époque building, is the perfect place to go to take in a stunning, unobstructed view of the Swiss mountains and enjoy the most quintessential camp foods by a toasty fire.

2. Arts and Crafts follow by Chocolate or Cheese Fondue:

Meet with your family in the art room and get ready to unleash your inner Picasso. SIS has an endless collection of art supplies, so whether you feeling like painting, drawing, or sculpting, we’ve got you covered. Then, once your artistic inspiration has reached its end, take time to indulge in one of Switzerland’s most loved delicacies - fondue. Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, you can’t go wrong! Yum!

3. Yoga and Snacks:

Exhausted from a day of ESL and theater classes in the morning and extreme white water rafting in the afternoon? Your faculty family has you covered. Unwind and relax after all the busyness with some yoga, then catch up with your fam and discuss the day’s adventures over some tasty snacks.

4. Sports on the Gym Roof:

With fresh air and an amazing view the Dents du Midi, the Magic Mountain Activity Center roof provides the perfect setting for some good old friendly competition. Challenge your family to a game of soccer, basketball, or a relay race and see who comes out on top!

5. Hike to Eagle’s Nest

A family favourite. Take some time away from campus and hike through the nearby forest until you reach Eagle’s Nest lookout point. This simple, beautiful hike is a great way to reconnect with nature, make memories, and take photos in front of the Swiss mountains with your family.

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