LAS Students Take to the Global Stage at The Hague International MUN Conference

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LAS Students Take to the Global Stage at The Hague International MUN Conference

The Hague International MUN (THIMUN) trip proved to be a resounding success this year as students from the LAS embarked on an enriching journey, diving into the world of Model United Nations. MUN is an experiential learning simulation model where students practice their debate, diplomacy, and research skills by solving a problem with other “delegates” who represent countries from around the world. This year, most of our students represented Suriname, and the overarching theme was “Peace, Law & Justice”. 

A notable achievement for our group was the inclusion of our students in committees such as the ECOSOC committee, the International Court of Justice, and the Historical Security Council. This was very exciting and was quite an impressive feat for our group of students! All students represented Suriname except for Akos ‘25 and Csaba ‘25, who represented China in 1973 for the Historical Security Council, and Beatriz ‘24, who was a judge for the International Court of Justice. 

When our students arrived, the adventure began with a visit to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday morning, featuring an exclusive tour that included a glimpse into one of the courtrooms. In the afternoon, some students had the privilege of observing an ongoing trial at the ICC, while others attended THIMUN meetings. This hands-on experience proved incredibly insightful, inspiring our students and enhancing their debating skills.

The conference also added to our students’ global engagement, allowing them to interact with peers from diverse international backgrounds. The range of debated topics allowed our students to gain great insight and refine their diplomacy and debating skills! All of the students on the trip have attended different conferences in Switzerland before being selected for THIMUN, and most of the students also helped organize and run the LASMUN conference in December to help fundraise for this trip. This trip was also aided by the Impact Fund, which helped sponsor some of the scholarship students to take part in this amazing opportunity! 

Overall, this was a really enjoyable and insightful trip for our students and a real highlight of their MUN careers! Well done to the following students for their participation in this event:

  • Sara '26
  • Gisele ‘25
  • Grace '25
  • Jai ‘25
  • Micah ‘25
  • Akos ‘25
  • Csaba ‘25
  • Drino ‘25
  • Josefina ‘25
  • Abby ‘25
  • Paulina ‘24
  • Manasi ‘24
  • Julia ‘24
  • Shrika ‘24
  • Mars ‘24
  • Beatriz ‘24


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