LAS Journal

LAS Students Show Their National Pride During International Week!

At LAS, we love sharing and celebrating our school's fantastic range of cultures. With over 50 nationalities represented in our community, we take pride in the many traditions, languages, and cultures present on campus. In honor of International Week each year, LAS hosts lots of fun activities to help students get into the spirit and represent their countries!

To kick off the week we hosted a World Cup volleyball tournament where different continent teams competed for the winning title (and even faculty members got involved)! Later in the week, staff and students participated in an indoor World Cup football tournament. Well done to everyone who took part—they were such fun events!

Our faculty and students also took part in a faculty family international trivia competition! Many fun prizes were up for grabs, and it was an excellent way for everyone to test their geography and cultural knowledge. Do you know which country has the most time zones? Or perhaps which color is unlucky in Brazil? It was so interesting to learn more about different countries and have fun with our faculty families!

The week culminated in everyone's favorite event: the International Week Parade of Flags! One or two students from each country were flag bearers and dressed in either traditional clothing from their culture or the flag's colors. Seeing everyone show their national pride was a great reminder of the diversity reflected in our community! We love celebrating different cultures, and it was so beautiful to see our students all together with their friends from all over the world!

At LAS, we love celebrating different countries and we take pride in the diversity of our community. Thank you so much to everyone for getting involved in our activities and rising to the occasion when it came to showing pride in your country. 


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