LAS Students Meet Universities from Across the Globe!

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LAS Students Meet Universities from Across the Globe!

Every year, universities from all over the world visit LAS to help our students make more informed choices about their futures. We take university advising and guidance very seriously here at LAS and believe that university offers are a match to be made, not a prize to be won. Our dedicated University Advising Team has been working hard to ensure that students feel confident and happy with their plans after they depart the Magic Mountain, whether that means going to university, embarking on a gap year, or entering military service. 

This month, we are pleased to welcome many universities, colleges, and institutions from around the world onto campus. In addition, this week we have also had the opportunity to take approximately 50 G11-12 students to the CIS International University Fair at La Champittet. This was an excellent opportunity for students to talk to university admissions reps from the 100 universities that were in attendance. Meeting in person with these admissions reps helped our students understand the variety of options available and allowed them to ask questions and receive immediate and personalized answers. Students always leave these fairs with more knowledge and confidence about their futures!

Additionally, the university fair exposed students to a wide range of educational options they may not have considered otherwise and assisted them in learning about academic programs, student life, entry requirements, cost of attendance and scholarships, and internships and research options offered by these various institutions to make informed decisions about their future education.

Throughout their time here at LAS, students have the opportunity to discuss their futures with one of our four university advisors. Our advisors, who all have experience matching students to suitable colleges and courses, are always happy to help reassure, advise, and educate. Our university advisors have a lot of experience matching students to appropriate colleges and courses and provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Students are encouraged to drop in before or after school, during their independent study blocks, at lunch, or by scheduling an appointment. We have an open-door policy, and all students are invited to meet with their university advisor throughout the year.

Though our University Advising Team works with students throughout their time at LAS to help them begin thinking about their futures, students are assigned to a University Advisor in grade 11. Grade 11 students are encouraged to research universities and courses and work regularly with MaiaLearning, our online career and university platform. In addition, students will meet individually with their university advisor and discuss the application process personal statements, and form a plan of action. 

Grade 12 is when most students apply for university. Students have further meetings with their advisors and attend a weekly LAS Student Success course focused on the application process. Aside from this, students are encouraged to focus on their studies and achieve the grades required to get into their chosen universities. 

Our students have really enjoyed learning more about universities and post-secondary options through the on-campus university visits and the university fair this week at La Champittet! They gained insightful knowledge about different cities, courses, scholarships, and student life, and will take this information into their decision-making process with their assigned LAS university advisor. We look forward to seeing where life takes our Global Family after they leave the Magic Mountain! 


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