LAS Students Hit the Road on their Cultural Trips!

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LAS Students Hit the Road on their Cultural Trips!

Since experiential learning is such an important part of our curriculum at LAS, we’ve decided there isn’t really a better way to learn about the world around us than by visiting it! At LAS, cultural trips provide a wonderful and unique opportunity to experience some of the history, traditions, and cultural customs of different countries around the world. Exploring new countries and making friends along the way is a really enriching experience, and often when discussing their time at LAS, students reflect that their favorite part was the range of amazing cultural trips they attended. 

At LAS, the specific grade-level trips help our students to develop a sense of connection with their classmates. As a result, we help students to see, experience, and understand in practical ways what it means to be an innovative, responsible, and compassionate citizen of the world. We have already had some amazing cultural trips this year, including to cities such as Florence, Nice, and San Sebastián, and in May students will head off to new destinations!

In Italy, groups of students will travel to Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily, where they will visit historical sites, take cooking classes, and enjoy bike tours as well as some downtime on the beach. Others will head for Portugal where they will take surf lessons, explore the area's marine wildlife, and participate in a community beach clean-up. In Croatia, student groups will go kayaking, scuba diving, and discover the natural beauty of the region.

Service-related activities are integrated into the trips to teach students about being responsible travelers. Students on the surfing trip in Portugal will spend an afternoon together cleaning up a beach along the coastline where they have been staying and surfing all week. Another group will take a tour to learn about sustainable environmental projects and local marine life that is contributing and helping to have a positive impact on climate change. This allows our students to become responsible citizens of the world and teaches them compassion, critical thinking, and agency.

We are so excited about our upcoming trips, and we hope all our students have the most amazing time learning about different cultures and experiencing enriching activities. We can’t wait to see the photos after they return!


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