LAS Journal

LAS Students Compete in the Robomesse Robotics Competition!

Last week LAS students had the exciting opportunity to compete in the Robomesse Robotics Competition at International School Basel! With only six weeks to design and create their masterpieces, our talented students smashed the competition and produced some fantastic robots! 

At LAS, we promote experiential learning at the heart of our academics by moving education beyond the confines of the classroom. Giving students hands-on experience and the opportunity to see the practical applications of their studies at work in the real world consolidates our curriculums and brings our students’ focus to the bigger picture. By augmenting traditional classes with classes and events that build on students’ passions and current global issues, we help them develop fundamental skills in critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. 

These skills were undoubtedly developed at this robotics competition! Well done to Nika '26, Victoria '26, Asim '26, Lucas '26, Radek '25, Patryk '26, and William '25! These students competed with teams from International School Basel, International School Lausanne, and TASIS Switzerland in rounds of qualifications, controller and programming, and elimination. Along the way, our students collaborated amazingly as a team, created meaningful friendships, and developed various skills such as time management, resourcefulness, and leadership. This challenge definitely demonstrated that it’s about the journey, not the destination! 

Here at LAS, our robotics program is made possible by our amazing Impact Fund. All non-restricted donations at LAS go into this fund, which in turn supports projects that deliver immediate impact within our student community. Three times per year, faculty and staff are invited to submit funding proposals for projects that are centered on students, and a committee composed of members from across the school meet to decide how to disburse the funds. Thanks to the Impact Fund, these students were able to develop their design and technology skills and make friends along the way! 

Thank you to all the faculty members involved, and well done to the students who participated; we know they are really excited about the next competition, and we can’t wait to see what they make next!


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