LAS Journal

LAS Hosts the 2023 Cowbell Games!

This week we hosted the community event of the season, the 2023 LAS Cowbell Games! We were lucky enough to witness our students' fantastic sporting and activity prowess this week, and we were so happy to have the whole school involved! Here at LAS, athletic and activity offerings range from leisure paddle boarding on Lake Geneva to world-class ski training, allowing our students to choose a level of activity that best suits their needs. So whether our students are playing football against rival schools, hiking in the Alps, or playing in the rock band, we know they will find an activity they love! 

That’s why we love organizing the Cowbell Games for our students to enjoy each year! This week we had an amazing range of sports and activities, from curling at Lower Sporting, tug of war in the MMAC, and video creation at Savoy, the Grande Salle, and the Beau Réveil lounge. We loved seeing our students use their problem-solving skills and creativity to ace these challenges! 

On Monday, our students took part in curling, flag-making, and video creation. We loved seeing how creative and driven our students are! Students presented their videos on Tuesday and participated in a tug-of-war challenge in the MMAC. As our ski season has been revived again this week after a burst of snow over the weekend, we traveled up to Leysin’s fantastic ski resort on Wednesday and for the annual Race for the Sun events, including ski and snowboard races, a slopestyle contest, an Alpage challenge, snow sculpture contest, and a class check-in challenge. Finally, on Thursday in the MMAC, we had an obstacle course, sprint relays, a caterpillar race, and limbo.

Interacting with other students allows our community to make lifelong friendships and bond with others from all over the world. Seeing our students work together and participate in friendly competitions was lovely, and it demonstrated the spirit of LAS! We felt fortunate to take advantage of the last snow of the season, and we want to say a huge ‘well done!’ to everyone who participated in our challenges and competitions this week.


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