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Introducing Our New 2022-23 Faculty + Staff!


Each year, we're delighted to welcome a new group of faculty and staff to add fresh and exciting perspectives to the LAS community. This year's crew comes from all around the world, bringing increased depth and diversity to our Global Family! Read more about our new hires throughout the post below.



Christina ASSILI - Computer Science Teacher (Grades 11-12)

Joining the LAS community from Budapest, Hungary with her husband and young daughter, Christina will be teaching computer science here at LAS. Christina is originally from Lebanon, her favorite book is “The WInner Stands Alone” by Paulo Coehlo, and this year she’s most looking forward to getting acquainted with the LAS AP program and meeting the diverse student body. Christina speaks Lebanese, English and French. 


Sonia CAPIDE - Modern Languages (Grades 11-12)

Heralding from the nearby country of France, Sonia and her husband recently joined the LAS community. Sonia will be both a French and German teacher here at LAS beginning this fall, and she’s excited to become part of the LAS community and to make the most of the beautiful Leysin surroundings. Sonia has worked all around the world, including in Singapore, Egypt, Hong Kong and the UK. In her free time, Sonia enjoys the outdoors, camping, skiing, and cycling. Sonia speaks French, English, and German.


David DAMICO -  Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

David, his wife, their two children and sweet dog have made their way to the LAS campus from Lake Placid, New York (USA). This year, David steps into the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid role for LAS, joining a vibrant team of Admissions professionals (last year, David worked as part of the LAS Admissions team remotely from the USA). He’s delighted to be living on campus with his family, getting to know the school community, and sharing the many cultures of LAS with his children. David’s favorite album is Cat Stevens - Greatest Hits. He speaks English, French and some Italian and Spanish.


Awa DIOP - French/Spanish (Grades 7-10)

Awa and her son join the LAS community from Massachusetts (USA). Awa will be a Modern Language Teacher, instructing French and Spanish in the Savoy campus. In looking ahead, Awa is most excited about being part of and contributing to the LAS community. Awa speaks French, Spanish, Wolof and English.


John GIDDING '95 - Design/Entrepreneurship (Grades 7-12)

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey but currently relocating from San Francisco, California (USA), John Gidding ‘95 returns to campus this year as an Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship teacher. In his free time, John enjoys playing the piano, drawing, painting, cooking (and eating!). He’s glad to be back to LAS, excited to see old friends and family, and to make new LAS global family connections. John speaks English, French, Turkish, some German and Greek.


Laurie GUINANE - Science (Grades 7-10)

Moving from Dubai, UAE, Laurie will be teaching Science in our Preparatory years classes beginning this fall. A native to Limerick, Ireland, Laurie is excited to be entering into an entirely different type of experience from her previous post in the flat desert of Dubai. Her favorite book series at the moment is the “Throne of Glass” book series.

Ryan HEALEY - Math Teacher (Grades 7-10)

Having worked at schools all over the world – including places like Kenya and the Galapagos Islands – Ryan, along with his wife and young son, joins LAS from a recent post in Singapore. Fun facts about Ryan? His favorite movie is Diehard “with a vengeance” and he prefers skydiving to bungee jumping. Ryan will be teaching math to Middle and Prep years students. 


Joana KEMBRYTE - Advancement Database & Communications Manager

Joana (Yo-A-na), joined LAS this summer as the newest member of the Advancement team, where she’ll be taking over the role of Database and Communications Manager. Originally from “Artsy” Vilnius, Lithuania, Joana has also called “rainy” Manchester her home before joining the “beautiful” Leysin community. In her free time, Joana enjoys hiking, travelling, writing, photography, painting, video games, board games, and learning! She speaks Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English, a bit of Japanese, and is hoping to pick up some French during her time in Switzerland.


Jeremy MELTON - Science Teacher (Grades 7-10)

Having recently relocated from Taiwan to Leysin, Jeremy will be our Innovation Lab Teacher here at LAS this year. He and his wife call California, USA home. Jeremy is excited to join the close-knit LAS community, and has a laser focus on helping and guiding our students to shine through. He’s excited to be an important part of developing the new LAS ICE program. Jeremy loves mountains, and the sea, and has climbed Kilimanjaro and reached the base camp of Mount Everest. Jeremy speaks Mandarin and English.


Sholay RAMLALL - Psychology + Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) (Grades 7-12)

Originally from South Africa, Sholay moved to LAS from Italy to become our newest IB Psychology Teacher. She’s excited to explore the “picturesque alpine paradise of Switzerland” and enjoys travelling, trying new restaurants and cafes, playing tennis, reading and baking in her free time. Sholay’s favorite book is “Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela”, and she speaks English, Afrikaans, and Italian.


Holly RENDLE - English (Grades 9-10)

Joining LAS from Boston, Massachusetts (USA), Holly is joining our vibrant community of English Teachers this year. Her favorite books are “Of Mice and Men” and “Braiding Sweetgrass”, and in her free time Holly enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, foraging for wild mushrooms, dancing, gardening, fostering rescue dogs, and listening to NPR. Holly speaks English and Chinyanja (she’s looking forward to improving her French) and following her time at LAS will move back home to Zambia, where she and her husband will be operating a safari lodge on the Zambezi River.


Aoife RUANE - Learning Support Specialist (Grades 7-10)

Joining the Savoy campus as a Learning Support Specialist, Aoife calls Cork, Ireland home but most recently was living in Ho Chi Mihnh City, Vietnam. She’s delighted to be working and living in the mountains, and enjoys climbing, reading, and hiking in her free time. Aoife’s favorite book is “Star of the Sea” by Joseph O’Connor, and she speaks English, and a bit of Irish and Vietnamese.

Anneke SKIDMORE-HARRIS - Director of LAS Summer Programs, Admissions Associate

Anneke, her husband and their two hound dogs joined the LAS community at the beginning of the summer as she stepped into her role of Director of the LAS Summer Programs. In addition to her summer program leadership, Anneke will be an Admissions Associate in the LAS Admissions Office. In her free time, Anneke loves to cook, go road-tripping with her dogs, and take photos. Anneke calls Cape Town, South Africa, home. 

Matt WALSH - English Teacher (Grades 11-12)

Along with is wife, Matt moved to LAS from Dubai to teach IB English and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). He’s excited to gain new ideas about teaching and learning during his time at LAS, and enjoys hiking, music, reading and travel in his free time. Matt calls Canada home, and (fun fact!) his high school job was driving a Zamboni (ice resurfacing machine). His favorite book is “The Little Prince”.


Ajey VEMULAPADU - French Teacher (Grades 11-12)

Hailing from India – “the land of elephants, spicy cuisine, vibrant colours, and myriad philosophies” – Ajey joins LAS as a French and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher. In his free time, Ajey loves to practice classical dance, dream of travelling to exotic places, recall conversations with friends, and do parallel language reading. He enjoys “dancing shamelessly” and hopes the students at LAS will call him “Monsieur Ajey or Monsieur AJ”. Ajey speaks Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, English, French, and “a pinch” of Italian.

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