Into the Woods: A Modern Twist on a Classic Tale Takes Center Stage

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Into the Woods: A Modern Twist on a Classic Tale Takes Center Stage

LAS provides a rich and supportive arts program for students of all artistic interests and backgrounds. Our arts program and facilities guide and nurture growing student talent and provide the resources students need to pursue their creative passions. We encourage our students to get involved, and we believe that the arts open up a world of possibilities in which students can express themselves in a fun environment! 

This year's school musical, "Into the Woods," debuted this week! The story, a contemporary narrative woven through the stories of classic fairy tales, was a performance to remember! The musical, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and based on the book by James Lapine, has been incredibly rewarding for our students, who have dedicated countless hours to bring this fantastic story to life.

Rehearsals started in September, and students gathered twice weekly in the Black Box. The story revolves around a Baker, his wife, and the Witch next door, intertwining the tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel. The story explores the consequences of the characters' wishes and actions, adding a new spin to the well-known fairy tales.

What makes this particular performance by our students unique is their decision to include another modern twist into the classic musical. For our thespians, the "woods" are no longer the magical forest of traditional fairy tales but have transformed into the "industrial forest" of the city. A once-thriving part of town is now abandoned, with locals warned to stay clear of the dangers lurking amidst the crumbling buildings. 

All production elements, including set design, sound, costume, and lighting, have been created by students from the Technical Theatre class. The students spent countless hours making the visual and audio world of “Into the Woods,” and they came up with some incredibly innovative and creative ideas. Their designs really shined on stage! 

The commitment and passion of everyone involved, from the cast to the technical crew, have transformed "Into the Woods" into an incredible production that was enjoyed by audiences over the three days it was performed. It was a truly unforgettable theatre experience and an incredibly fun show for the students to get involved with! We can’t wait for the next performance in the springtime! 


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