Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship at LAS: A Journey of Experiential Learning

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Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship at LAS: A Journey of Experiential Learning

At LAS, we place great emphasis on experiential learning, offering our students impactful opportunities to see the practical applications of their studies in the real world. By augmenting traditional classes with events and programs that fuel students' passions and address current global issues, we help them develop critical skills in thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. One of the most significant ways we do this is through the use of innovative technology and hands-on experiences that push students to think creatively and outside the box.

Below are just a few examples of the ways in which we foster innovation and entrepreneurship amongst our intellectually curious and inquiring students:

Cutting-Edge Learning Using Technology
The recent launch of Apple Vision Pro goggles has created a buzz among our entrepreneurship students, providing an invaluable experiential learning opportunity. By incorporating this state-of-the-art technology into our classes, we have demonstrated our commitment to equipping students with practical, real-world applications of their studies. Apple Vision Pro represents a significant advancement in virtual reality, offering a fresh perspective and inspiring our students to think creatively. 

The LAS Innovation Lab: A Hub of Creativity
The LAS Innovation Lab is a unique facility where students immerse themselves in the world of making with a variety of materials and tools. This dynamic space is constantly filled with creativity as students explore new and inventive ways to learn. 

A hallmark of the Innovation Lab is its 'just in time' learning approach. Students acquire the necessary skills for their projects exactly when they need them, fostering a personalized and one-on-one teaching method that develops a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques used. Learning from peers who excel in specific skills further enhances the collaborative environment, creating a rich and effective learning experience for our makerspace students.

Entrepreneurship in Action: Experiential Learning
Experiential learning in real-world environments really add to the LAS experience. Through workshops, talks, and demonstrations, students are encouraged to apply their learning outside of the classroom. Our entrepreneurship students recently had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a workshop at Goldfinger Design, a company renowned for creating bespoke furniture for prestigious clients such as the Tate Modern Museum, Tom Dixon, and Heatherwick Studios. This workshop allowed our students to engage with cutting-edge design practices and learn from industry leaders in a real-world setting. Our students gained invaluable insights into the entrepreneurial process, enhancing their ability to innovate and create.

Other experiential learning opportunities include our annual trip to the Les Trois Terres vineyard, where students learn about the wine-making process and get the opportunity to harvest the grapes themselves, as well as a workshop with Horizonte coffee, where students are shown how to run a business and make the perfect cappuccino!

At LAS, our commitment to experiential learning through innovative technology, dynamic lab environments, and real-world entrepreneurial experiences equips our students with new skills and an inquiring mind. Whether through Apple Vision Pro goggles, the Innovation Lab, or immersive learning trips, our programs ensure that LAS students are well-prepared to become the next generation of innovators and leaders!


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