LAS Journal

IB Art Exhibition: Showcasing Artistic Talent at LAS

LAS provides a rich and supportive arts program for students of all artistic interests and backgrounds. Our arts program and facilities guide and nurture growing student talent and provide the resources students need to pursue their creative passions. We encourage our students to express themselves creatively and we believe that the arts open up a world of possibilities in which students can think outside the box and express themselves in a gratifying way.

We love celebrating our student achievements at LAS, therefore, we were so proud to present our IB Visual Art Exhibition before spring break. The IB Visual Art program is both challenging and rewarding, and our community was lucky enough to witness our students’ unique artistic creations at our Meet the Artists exhibition opening. Students participating in the program have been working on their exhibition components for almost a year and have really improved their skills since the program began. For this element of the course, Higher Level (HL) students were required to produce 8-11 finished pieces of work, while Standard Level (SL) students were required to make 4-6. 

Congratulations to the following students who worked so hard to put together their exhibits:

  • Sophie ‘23
  • Jenny ‘23
  • Polina ‘23
  • Daniel ‘23
  • Maisey ‘23
  • Yuika ‘23
  • Mok ‘23

Each student researched, planned, and executed their work based on a self-developed theme or connection, which made their exhibition a unique coherent body of work with clear intention. Refreshments were provided at the event, and chatting with the students about their pieces was so eye-opening and exciting. In addition to the exhibition work that our community was lucky enough to view, each student will submit a Process Portfolio (sketchbook) and a Comparative Study where they look at different aspects of Art History for the final IB assessment. This rigorous program has helped our students develop their craft and become amazing artists! 

Well done to all our students for their hard work! We are so proud of all the art you have created and all the skills you have developed. Good luck with your upcoming exams!



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