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History Class with Mr. Jennings

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One of the main skills students learn in History class is how to defend their assertions with evidence. This is an important transferable skill that students will carry with them and use everywhere from university classes, to the workplace, and beyond. In Mr. Jennings' History class, one way students are able to practice and develop this skill is by utilizing an archetype wheel. An archetype wheel lists many different traits and show how they relate to different characteristics; for example, someone who is brave, independent, and self-sufficient would be assigned the "Explorer" characteristic.

Mr. Jennings' class was recently asked to watch a video, or read a passage in a story, and then choose which archetype most suited a particular character. Then, students must use facts from the story or video to defend their assertion.  

In the words of Mr. Jennings, "It's a nice way for students to be creative and think for themselves, but in a controlled environment. Often times too much freedom makes it difficult for students to make any sort of assertion/historical claim."  

We love to see the creative and engaging ways our educators teach students important life skills! Well done Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Jennings' class!

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