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From LAS to Global Success: Anastasiia Dutoy ‘15 Returns to the Magic Mountain

In a recent interview with alumni Anastasiia Dutoy '15, we explored her transformative experiences at Leysin American School and the lasting impact on her personal and professional life. After graduating from LAS, she shared her favorite activities, global adventures, and experiences as an Alumni Visiting Scholar.

Her work at LAS as an Alumni Visiting Scholar provided a lasting impact on our students this week. Since graduating from LAS, Anastasiia has become a Nutrition Consultant and a Personal Trainer specializing in well-being, weight loss, and athletic performance. During her visit, she shared healthy recipes and workout plans and joined the PE and Entrepreneurship classes to share her expertise. This was really insightful, and our students loved learning about healthy lifestyles and how she set up a successful business. Overall, Anastasiia took part in 15 different activities, from the girls football conditioning sessions to a meeting with this year’s Zimbabwe service trip group, which she took part in herself when she was a student here! 

Coming from Ukraine, Anastasiia fondly remembers LAS for its ability to encourage personal growth through exposure to diverse cultures and backgrounds. The school's structure and guidance from faculty members provided important support for her when she was navigating a new country. Living with a Brazilian roommate, she emphasized the importance of taking on responsibilities and adapting to different personalities, all skills she found vital for life after LAS.

LAS played a pivotal role in preparing Anastasiia for the future. Our dedicated teachers helped improve her English skills, a critical factor in her successful entry into university through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Aside from academics, she participated in sports, particularly tennis, and enjoyed the opportunity to compete on the school's tennis team. Skiing was also one of her favorite activities, allowing her to explore the breathtaking Swiss Alps every week!

LAS provided more than just academic and athletic activities to Anastasiia. She mentioned trips to Zimbabwe and Portugal as formative for her education and development. Zimbabwe opened her eyes to a new continent and offered valuable insights into different perspectives and the value of philanthropy. Anastasiia also enjoyed a trip to Portugal as a student at LAS and developed her passion for exploring the world through experiences such as surfing!

Anastasiia reflected that she has maintained multiple friendships with LAS friends globally and she emphasized the strong sense of community created during her time at the school. Even after eight years, the bonds formed at LAS continue to serve her and have led to collaborations with classmates in various industries!

Reflecting on the Alumni Visiting Scholar program, Anastasiia stated that the program allowed her to help individuals and work with groups, providing a fulfilling professional and personal experience. LAS not only shaped her academic and athletic pursuits but also developed in her a love for travel and lifelong connections. Anastasiia reflected that the Alumni Visiting Scholar program allowed her to give back to the community that played a role in her formative years, showcasing the lasting impact of LAS on its alumni!


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