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Fantastic Mathematics

Our students are back with another round of fantastic results in the University of Waterloo's CEMC Math Contest! 

This time around, we had 19 students (2 from the Savoy Campus and 17 from the Belle Epoque Campus) take part in the math contest on November 18, 2021.

We had an impressive 6 BEC students who ranked in the top 25% of all contestants—each has been awarded a certificate. Our two Savoy students narrowly missed out by one mark, but show great potential for next year—it's great to see them getting involved and taking part in the fun!

To further the good news, over the holidays Luke C., Ria S., and Adam S. took part in the Swiss Maths Olympiad. Luke is currently waiting to hear if he will continue on to the 3rd round. The other two did not make it through but are strong candidates for next year's competition.

We are looking forward to more CEMC competitions in February and March of this year.

Congratulations to all our young scholars! It's fantastic to see everyone taking part in some friendly competition and celebrating mathematics!

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