Fall Cultural Fun

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Fall Cultural International Trips Leysin American School

Fall Cultural Fun

Towards the end of October, our students embarked on trips all around Europe for their Fall Culturals! With 10 trips offered in 6 different countries, there was no shortage of unique, exciting, educational experiences to be had! 

Grades 7, 8, and 9 
Our youngest students enjoyed a trip to the Alsace and Rhineland, sampling some of the incredible natural beauty that France and Germany have to offer. In addition to stunning scenery, these areas are well known for their delicious comfort-style foods, and well-preserved history, with old castles and buildings dotting the scenery every which way you look!

Grade 10
Each year our grade 10 students make their way to the Bavarian Alps for a week of outdoor adventure hosted by Outward Bound Germany. Outward Bound is a group that teaches students from around the world how to “face new challenges—especially in nature, to learn perseverance, to take responsibility, to show consideration and to work together to expand our boundaries.” Throughout this adventure students take part in a number of team-building exercises, like raft building, adrenaline-filled activities like zip lining, and an overnight excursion to a hut!

Grade 11
Our junior students had several trips available to them—a French immersion trip to Monaco, a Spanish immersion trip to Spain, a science trip to Zurich and Lucerne, an arts and history trip to Berlin, or a Swiss Italian experience in Lugano. Each trip offered an exciting deep-dive into their chosen subject. Language learners were able to shop, order, and interact in their target language in Monaco and Spain, art students appreciated art of all styles—from graffiti to museum-worthy—in Berlin, and more! 

Grade 12
Our senior students had three TOK Italian adventures to choose from—Rome, Venice, or Florence. These cities exist in a fascinating intersection of art, culture, and history that is perfect for our Theory of Knowledge students to learn about and explore. Besides opportunities for reflection and learning, much of the cultural trip is guided—students are taken to museums, cooking classes, dinners, and historical landmarks, and they are encouraged to speak in basic Italian when they can!

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