Faculty Family Fun!

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Faculty Family Fun!

Faculty Family Fun!

When we catch up with our alumni, the first thing that many of them talk about is the sense of family and community that they felt when they were at LAS. That’s why we feel that time spent with faculty families is essential, and why we organize a large number of events that develop positive relationships between students and staff.  At LAS, we strive to create a friendly, family-based community that supports each student to develop into compassionate and responsible global citizens. Faculty families are an excellent way for students to meet new people and ensure that each member of our community is getting the most out of their LAS experience.

Each family consists of 2-3 “parents” and 5-8 “siblings” from the same grade level. The upcoming activities will be a great way for students to feel even more involved in our supportive and encouraging LAS community and will allow them to spend more time with their siblings and parents! They’ll take part in various group activities, including:

  • Visiting Montreux’s famous Christmas market, where there will be over 170 stalls to get students into the Christmas spirit!
  • Going out to dinner at places like The Station Rock Café in Leysin and Le Cerf in Le Sepey, an excellent opportunity to dine with friends!
  • Puzzling their way out of an Escape Room in the Château d’Aigle!
  • Using their laser-sharp senses during laser tag in Villeneuve! 
  • Most of the lounges (the Cave, MMAC, Savoy 6th floor, Beau Réveil) have been reserved for some food and games for the families to enjoy! This is a great way for students to get to know their family members better in a social setting! 

We know that all our students have had a great time with their faculty families this semester and we’re looking forward to spending even more family time together soon!


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