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Faculty Family Adventure Day

On Thursday, students ventured off-mountain for fun and thrilling adventures with their LAS Faculty Families. Their journeys ranged from Swiss city exploration in Bern, Geneva, and Lausanne, to canyoning in Château-d’Oex, playing laser tag, exploring a trampoline park, and banding together to solve an escape room puzzle (just to name a few!).

Faculty Families are a longstanding LAS tradition, forming an important part of our school since our founding in 1961. As this year’s family groups enjoyed their first full-day Faculty Family adventure together on Thursday, they created bonding opportunities that will help them solidify their family unit ahead of the academic year to come. LAS Faculty Families are comprised of two or three faculty “parents” and 5-8 student “siblings” from the same grade level.

Faculty Families having a grand time!

We’re already looking forward to many more family-style Faculty Family activities in the weeks and months to come, including family dinners, weekend trips, movie nights, casual classroom check-ins, and so much more!

At LAS, we believe that these intimate moments of Faculty Family bonding are just as — if not more — important than any academic curriculum we offer. Through our Faculty Family experience, students learn important lessons about kindness, community, and responsibility. Their family members provide crucial support and camaraderie in challenging experiences at boarding school, and for many students their Faculty Family continues to be a support system well beyond their years here on campus. Faculty Family parents are also an important bridge between students’ families off-campus and their day-to-day lives at LAS. If you are a current family member and you have a question about your child, please reach out to your child’s Faculty Family parents!

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