LAS Journal

Exploring Beyond Borders: The Exciting World of LAS Cultural Trips

Here at LAS, cultural trips offer a unique opportunity to delve into the histories, traditions, and cultural practices of various countries around the world. And since experiential learning holds an important place in our LAS curriculum, we've realized there's no better way to gain insight into the world than by exploring it! Traveling to new countries and creating new friendships along the way is an experience that our students are always really excited about each year! 

These grade-specific trips at LAS are essential in creating a sense of connection among our students and their friends and allowing our students to apply their learning to the wider world. After all, we aim to create innovative, responsible, and compassionate citizens of the world. What better way to do this than by allowing them to experience and learn from other cultures? Last week, our students embarked on a wide range of exciting trips, including: 

  • Black Forest, Rhineland, Germany (EuropaPark)
  • Schwangau, Germany (Outward Bound)
  • Monaco (French Immersion)
  • San Sebastiàn, Spain (Discovering Spanish Culture)
  • Budapest, Hungary (History)
  • Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland (Science)
  • Berlin, Germany (Arts)
  • London, UK (University Advising)
  • Rome, Italy (FOLK)
  • Bologna, Italy (FOLK)
  • Venice, Italy (TOK)
  • Florence, Italy (TOK)

We were thrilled to see our students step beyond the classroom and explore new and exciting activities during our cultural trips last week and in May, our students will set off on exciting new adventures to even more destinations! This fantastic array of trips allowed our students to fully immerse themselves in different cultures and connect their new knowledge with their academic studies. Our students had a fantastic time during these experiences and gained a lot of knowledge in the process.

Some highlights from these trips included rafting in Germany, mask painting in Venice, a graffiti art workshop at the Berlin Wall, visits to a variety of universities in London, and taking part in gladiator fighting reenactments in Rome! For our students, the most exciting aspect of these cultural trips is the opportunity to bond with their peers and deepen their understanding of their subjects outside the traditional classroom setting. 

We are confident that our students had the most fantastic time on their cultural trips this month, and we can’t wait to hear all about them when they return from fall break! 


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