Esplanade Students Jam Out in Their New Music Studio!

LAS Journal

Music students at Leysin American School

At LAS, we encourage our students to express themselves creatively. We believe that the arts open up a world of possibilities in which students can think outside the box and develop new skills. Because of these values, it’s music to our ears that the brand new music studio in the Esplanade dorm has already been used so widely by our students!

From pianists and guitarists to drummers and singers, we have everyone covered. All our new, carefully selected instruments accurately emulate a high-quality studio setup that anyone from beginner to pro can operate. Our brand new equipment is a joy to use and is perfect for students who want to create top quality music. We can’t wait to hear what new sounds our virtuoso students create! 

For the students interested in music, this studio is a playground of possibility! This new space invites students to experiment and, as a result, improve at a faster pace. The space is large enough for a 4- or 5-piece band to rehearse or it can be used with headphones for students working individually. Music teacher Dave Bradley reflected that “there is a real culture forming around the music program” after witnessing so many passionate students trying out new sounds.

The new Esplanade music studio was made possible due to the generous gift of an anonymous donor who wanted to be sure that Esplanade students need not leave their dorm to allow their creativity to blossom. If you are interested in finding out about opportunities to support similar campus projects impacting students, please contact the Advancement team at

We are incredibly happy to hear that so many students are using the new Esplanade music studio. We love supporting our students as they try their hands (and voices!) at new skills!


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