Entrepreneurship Students Engage with Experiential Learning in London

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Entrepreneurship Students Engage with Experiential Learning in London

Our Entrepreneurship students had a fantastic time taking part in a workshop at Goldfinger Design in a Grade II listed landmark, Trellick Tower, in Notting Hill. Goldfinger has created bespoke furniture for companies such as the Tate Modern Museum, Tom Dixon, and Heatherwick Studios. In addition to its industry-leading creative output, the Goldfinger brand emphasizes sustainability by reusing salvaged materials and sustainably sourced timber, and uses its platform to support its local community through youth programs and the People’s Kitchen project.

Our students had a carefully curated day with the Goldfinger Design team. They started their day at the Design Museum where they were given a private introduction to the Enzo Mari exhibit by the museum director, spending the rest of the morning appreciating the works by the Italian design icon known as "the designers' designer". Then, at the Goldfinger workshop, our students had the opportunity to present their own innovative tech-startup ideas to industry professionals and received valuable feedback. The interaction focused on sustainability, social enterprise, and business success, sparking new ideas and perspectives into their own projects while deepening their understanding of the Goldfinger brand and its success. The inspirational workshop was a catalyst for the entrepreneurship students, inspiring them to pursue their own projects with greater insight into developing businesses with purpose.

Following the group discussions, the students made their way down to the woodshop to learn from a master carpenter. Learning about the different types of wood, exploring how grain patterns and fibers influence furniture warping and form, and uncovering the techniques behind crafting bespoke pieces was a great way for our students to experience the artistry and care that have kept Goldfinger Design thriving for over a decade.  Seeing the different stages of carpentry also gave our students a further understanding of the furniture business, from design concepts and development all the way to the sanding and finishing process. 

At the end of a packed day of discussion and activity, our students had the opportunity to make their own chopping boards from scratch by whittling and carving wood off-cuts, a material that Goldfinger frequently uses as they strive to avoid waste. This allowed our students to showcase on-the-spot creativity with a master craftsman guiding them toward success. Our students really committed to this final project and were happy to take home a memento from the workshop!

Before leaving London for Leysin, our entrepreneurship students had one last rendezvous - a tour of the London School of Economics and Political Science with two of our recent alumni, Maja and Oliwia, whose descriptions of their university experiences brimmed with enthusiasm and pride.  Our students got a first-hand account of what it might be like to fully immerse in continuing an education that sparks core interests and values.  They peppered our graduates with many questions on what it takes to get into and excel in an institution like LSE.


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