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Entrepreneurship at Leysin American School

Entrepreneurship Is Our Business

With an ever-changing world and workforce, innovation and business acumen are highly valuable traits. Successfully stepping into the world’s entrepreneurial landscape takes guts, creativity, and the development of a number of crucial hard and soft skills. Without guidance, entering this landscape can feel nebulous and a little scary—which is why we like to connect our students at LAS with experts in the field who can show them the ropes!

Recently our Entrepreneurship students and IB Business Management students participated in a Creative Hackathon hosted by Daniel Rukare, Professor of Entrepreneurship at HULT International Business School. The complex nature of innovation requires the development of adaptive systems and Daniel’s hackathon teaches students to use design thinking frameworks and principles, understand how to monetize value opportunities, and develop their creativity and confidence. He also gave our students start-up examples from his current students pursuing a BBA.

Our students will also be working together with Christoph Sauser come November. Christoph is a globally-renowned mountain biker turned entrepreneur. Since his competitive biking days, Christoph has since launched his own very successful coffee roastery, Horizonte. He spoke with our students this month about his journey, and what it took to follow his passion into the business world. Now, when he comes to join us again next month, our students will have the chance to run his coffee truck all on their own. He will mentor them through the business side of things, teach them how to roast beans, and show them the ropes when it comes to customer service!

We strongly believe that mentorship and experience are some of the greatest ways for our students to solidify the concepts that they are learning in class. At LAS we’ve got lots of great community members who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, and we look forward to connecting our students with many more of these experts in the future!

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