Empowering Voices at the LAS Story Slam!

LAS Journal

Empowering Voices at the LAS Story Slam!

In a world where we often spend a lot of time on screens using digital communication, there's so much value in sharing stories face-to-face. At the recent Story Slam event held during International Week at LAS, students took center stage to do just that. Hosted by the English department, this event wasn't just about telling stories—it was about encouraging creativity, developing public speaking skills, and creating cultural connections within our community.

Students, staff, and faculty were invited to share stories from their lives in front of a supportive audience. The brief was to share something that happened to them or an experience that changed them. Whether it was funny, poignant, or relatable was up to the storyteller! Many of the stories shared emotions and recounted a time when the performer experienced immense joy, fear, surprise, or any other feelings. 

One of the best aspects of the Story Slam was its inclusivity. Regardless of language, everyone was encouraged to participate. Whether sharing anecdotes in English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, or any other language understood by at least a portion of the audience, members of the community were invited to embrace their mother tongue and share their experiences authentically! 

The English department provided guidance and resources for those unsure about the structure of their stories, ensuring that every participant felt confident and ready to take part. From structuring narratives to practicing delivery, support was available! In addition, opportunities were also available for involvement in ways other than storytelling. Volunteers acted as coaches, providing valuable feedback and support to their peers. Others provided technical support behind the scenes and helped host the evening.

The success of the Story Slam event at LAS was noted throughout the evening. It showcased the power of storytelling as a means of communication, connection, and self-expression. It was so interesting to learn more about each other and allow our students to take center stage and let their voices be heard! 


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