Egg-cellent Work, Savoy Science Students!

LAS Journal

Egg-cellent Work, Savoy Science Students!

Some of our students are currently learning about forces and motion as part of their integrated science course. At LAS, we augment traditional curriculums with classes that build on students’ interests, helping them develop fundamental skills in critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. By gaining hands-on experience, we see that students find it easier to apply their in-classroom learning to the real world (and they like spending some time outside, too!).

Students last week were tasked with conducting the Egg Drop Challenge. The aim of this challenge was to demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills by analyzing the problem (the distance the egg will be dropped from a window) and creating a solution (the device that should protect the egg and prevent it from cracking). The students enjoyed engaging with this challenge creatively, and it was so interesting to see how everyone approached the problem differently! 

The students engaged with many different approaches during this challenge! Students were required to use their understanding of various forces, such as air resistance and gravity, to design a device with the greatest chance of protecting the egg. Some students’ designs heavily incorporated air resistance by slowing the contraption down with parachutes. Other students took a different approach and designed a padded contraption to absorb the impact of the collision force as the egg hit the ground. Unfortunately, there were a few cracked eggs with both designs, but not many! 

Through experiential learning, our students gain the skills they will need to become global leaders and change-makers of the future (one egg at a time!). Our students enjoyed this experiment, as it allowed them to apply their knowledge from the classroom to the real world. What better way to do that than outside in the beautiful Swiss Alps?


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