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Dorm Olympics!

Dorm Olympics!

Last week, LAS kicked off a beloved, decades-long tradition: Dorm Olympics! During time typically set aside of Assembly and Faculty Family gatherings, we bring the entire campus community together for a fun and energizing afternoon of games and sport. We find that the dorm v. dorm games are a great way to use the spirit of competition to help the students bond in the dorm and have fun together. 

Each year, the events are chosen to be a little silly, and appropriate for all ages. The goal is that they should not to be too serious. The dorm heads are the ones who propose and manage the events, and dorm heads work with LAS student ambassadors to help motivate dorm students to sign up for each event. 

The energy and time it takes them to produce such a successful event exemplify their dedication to the dorms. There is a feeling of electricity in the air during the Olympics. It has a lot of positive power and brings the entire school together. It is a highlight of the beginning of the school year. 

This year, the BEC Girls Dorm took home the win, with Savoy boys coming in a close 2nd place. Congrats to all our participants on a wonderful afternoon!!

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