LAS Journal

Cultivating a Community of Dance

Involving our students in the wider artistic community of Leysin and Switzerland is always important to us, which is why we are so pleased to announce that earlier this spring, LAS students traveled to Bern with Leysin Danse for the Swiss Jazz Dance and Modern Contemporary competition. The level of dance was incredibly high, with up to 60 competitors in the adult category. Congratulations to Ana ‘27 who came 5th in the Junior 2 category and Danielle ‘23, who placed well in the very competitive adult category! 

In addition to our LAS students, four other Leysin Danse team members placed in the top 10. Congratulations to everyone in the LAS and Leysin community for excelling at this competition! Interacting with others in the Leysin community is always a lot of fun, and their collaboration over the past few months has been an enriching experience for all. Danielle also choreographed and trained in collaboration with Kim Languetin, the founder and head teacher of Leysin Danse, for a group dance in May. Having had previous experience at dance competitions, the other students looked up to Danielle and were appreciative of her input and guidance.

Allowing students to showcase their talent in a public setting was an enriching experience, and their growth and abilities were certainly recognized that day! With an understanding of the value the arts can bring to a school community, here at LAS we have built up an arts program and a wide range of facilities that guide and nurture growing talent. Students can select from various visual arts, theater, and music courses, such as digital arts, theater arts, and creative music. We always encourage artistic expression and love seeing students thrive and succeed in creative settings, as the arts open up a world of possibilities in which students can think outside the box and express themselves in a gratifying way.

Well done to all the students involved in this competition and the group dance. It was great to see how much the students had improved, and we can’t wait to see what they all perform next!


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