Coding Class Showcase - LAS Edge Program

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Coding Class Showcase - LAS Edge Program

LAS Coding Class Showcase 2020

New to the LAS edge Program this year is a computer coding class. Students began the year exploring how to solve a Rubik's cube in order to learn about computational thinking and now nearly everyone in this class is able to solve it!

Students were then given the freedom to choose a project that was of interest to them, within the computer science field. Some worked on making games with a program called Scratch, some learned how to do 3D design with Tinkercad and others worked on programming an Arduino computer chip to light up LED's.

Last week we invited other teachers to our class to have students showcase their projects and explain what they had been learning. The students were able to reflect on their learning with adults that were interested and they had to present their work in an authentic way. In addition to learning coding skills in this course, students have also developed their ability to collaborate, persevere through difficult problems and use their imagination.

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